Koruna Palace is the place for relaxing moments since 1914

Unique and monumental Koruna Palace on Wenceslas Square 1 in Prague 1 is the outstanding work of Czech modern architecture.The exterior of the Koruna Palace is dominated by the towering top of the building, terminated by a crown-shaped attribute expressing the name of the palace. The tower is decorated with strictly symmetrically placed statues of massive figures in flowing togas with hoods over their heads. It is an allegoric work of Stanislav Sucharda and the most beautiful example of pure Art Nouveau style.
Koruna Palace thanks to its architectural values has become a sought-after cultural monument.
Koruna Palace has three underground and seven above-ground floors. In the basement, there is the largest music megastore in central Europe, on the ground floor and mezzanine, there is a number of brand name stores. There are also located restaurants and cafés, the one in mezzanine with a beautiful view on the so-called Golden Cross. Locals and visitors of the city will also find there other services and accommodations.